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Food Security: Improving Access to Healthy Foods for College Students
UC Santa Barbara, Allan Hancock College, Santa Barbara City College, and Westmont University are partnering up in an innovative, heartfelt effort to tackle a problem most are unaware of: widespread food insecurity among college students. Each campus has bolstered existing healthy food programs for students, which range from meal vouchers and complementary food pantries to community gardens and culinary demonstrations.

The four campuses are also holding a lecture series to educate students and the public about this issue. The next, Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab: Addressing Students’ Basic Needs is being held on Wednesday, December 5 from 7-8 p.m. at Santa Barbara City College.

With support from the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan, the four colleges secured a United States Department of Agriculture grant in 2017 to study student eating patterns and food insecurity across the four campuses. They will use that data to apply for funding to implement further solutions that increase access to nutritious, healthy food that allows college students to thrive.

Learn more about the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan and get involved in the network here.

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