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Strengthen distribution systems for locally produced foods through existing networks, food hubs, and alternative markets.

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Strengthen local food distribution systems.

A food economy encompasses all activities within the food system that generate revenue or economic benefit to residents of the county. One way we can strengthen our food economy is by investing in distribution infrastructure to support locally produced foods.


SBCFAN Working Groups bring together individuals from across the food system to collaborate on projects that result in the activation of one or more Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan goals. Click on a Working Group below to learn more and/or request to join.

Route One Farmers Market: Mobile Farmers Market Success Story
Route One’s mobile farmers market will serve Lompoc five days a week, prioritizing neighborhoods based on their access to fresh, healthy food.
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Veggie Rescue: Mobile Solar Cooler Success Story
Veggie Rescue’s mobile solar coolers are expanding access to fresh, local produce to food insecure communities throughout Santa Barbara County.
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The Central Coast and Southern California Regenerative Equipment Sharing Collaborative: A Cooperative Model Success Story
The Alliance is leveraging a cooperative sharing model to increase access to quality farming equipment.
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Santa Ynez Valley Community Kitchen at St. Mark’s: Success Story
St. Mark's launched a community kitchen that serves as a hub for teaching, training, nutrition, and food distribution.
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Save Summerland Farm Campaign Success Story
Save Summerland Farm campaign successfully preserved farmland to increase food security and nourish the local community.
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Santa Ynez Valley Community Kitchen at St. Mark’s and Veggie Rescue: Kitchen Activation Success Story
St. Mark’s and Veggie Rescue partner to activate a community food access center to address food access and security.
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Cuyama Kitchen Success Story
Cuyama Kitchen is cultivating a thriving rural economy by providing resources and opportunities for the local community to enter the food system.
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Cuyama Beverage Company Success Story
"This project is an investment in Cuyama Valley branded products that... contribute to local food and job infrastructure, and showcase the abundance of the Cuyama Valley."
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