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SBCFAN connects, aligns, and activates food system changemakers to develop a robust local food economy, a healthy and just community, and a well-stewarded, resilient foodshed.


Published in 2016, the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan was conceived of and co-founded by the Community Environmental Council, the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, the Santa Barbara Foundation, and the Orfalea Family Foundation (sunsetted).

More than 200 community members committed over 1,200 volunteer hours to help develop this strategy-based community “blueprint” for an accessible, thriving, sustainable, and healthy food system.

Over the next few years, many organizations throughout Santa Barbara County implemented projects that activated Food Action Plan goals.

In 2019, these relationships were formalized through the launch of the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network. The Santa Barbara Foundation continues to serve as a major partner by supporting in areas such as leadership, organizational development, and grant funding for projects that strengthen the resilience of the local food system.


Formed in 2019, the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network (SBCFAN) supports efforts to advance goals of the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan, a countywide, community-driven strategic plan that assessed and provided recommendations for how we grow, distribute, consume, and dispose of food.

We have a stellar leadership team directing our efforts, but we are not the Network. You are.

What is a localized food system?

A localized food system encompasses the closed loop path of food as it moves from farm to table within the same region, including where it is grown, processed, distributed, consumed, and disposed of.

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SBCFAN strives to be your online hub for Food Action Plan activation – a place where you can easily find food system information and resources and get to work on the food system issues that are important to you. Click on Food Action Plan goals and key areas of investment to learn more – and be inspired to activate based on your passions and interests.

SBCFAN has provided network, resource, and/or policy support for the following projects:

The following success stories are a result of collaboration between food system actors and the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network. Click on a success story below to learn more about how together we are activating Food Action Plan goals throughout our region.

Route One Farmers Market: Mobile Farmers Market Success Story
Route One’s mobile farmers market will serve Lompoc five days a week, prioritizing neighborhoods based on their access to fresh, healthy food.
El Centro Santa Barbara: Somos Semillas Community Garden Success Story
The Somos Semillas Garden is a community-led project that provides space for place-based learning, public health, nutrition education, and community empowerment.
Veggie Rescue: Mobile Solar Cooler Success Story
Veggie Rescue’s mobile solar coolers are expanding access to fresh, local produce to food insecure communities throughout Santa Barbara County.
White Buffalo Land Trust: Holistic Land Management Course Success Story
White Buffalo Land Trusts’ Holistic Management Intensive Course offers a systems approach to the management of livestock operations.
The Central Coast and Southern California Regenerative Equipment Sharing Collaborative: A Cooperative Model Success Story
The Alliance is leveraging a cooperative sharing model to increase access to quality farming equipment.
Santa Ynez Valley Community Kitchen at St. Mark’s: Success Story
St. Mark's launched a community kitchen that serves as a hub for teaching, training, nutrition, and food distribution.
Save Summerland Farm Campaign Success Story
Save Summerland Farm campaign successfully preserved farmland to increase food security and nourish the local community.
Santa Ynez Valley Community Kitchen at St. Mark’s and Veggie Rescue: Kitchen Activation Success Story
St. Mark’s and Veggie Rescue partner to activate a community food access center to address food access and security.
Norma And Sandra Celebrate The Success Of This Lush Garden On A Tiny Patch Of Ground.
Blue Sky Center’s Victory Garden Project Success Story
"Resulted in the establishment of a local garden-to-table system that provided an immersive educational opportunity for families..."
Organic Soup Kitchen: Cancer & Chronic Illness Program Success Story
Organic Soup Kitchen is providing organic, locally sourced, nutrient dense soups to support cancer and chronic illness recovery.


Together, we are building a stronger, more resilient Santa Barbara County food system. Click on a success story below to learn more about how food actors like you are activating Food Action Plan goals throughout our region.

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