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Promote and incentivize the use of “best management practices” on farms, ranches, fisheries, and in food system businesses in Santa Barbara County.

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Promote and incentivize best management practices for farms and food system businesses.

A foodshed is the geographic area spanning from where food is produced to where it is consumed – including the land it grows on, the route it travels, the markets it passes through, and the tables it ends up on. One way we can invest in our foodshed is through promoting and incentivizing of best management practices for farms and food system businesses.


SBCFAN Working Groups bring together individuals from across the food system to collaborate on projects that result in the activation of one or more Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan goals. Click on a Working Group below to learn more and/or request to join.

Working Groups Currently Activating this goal

White Buffalo Land Trust: Holistic Land Management Course Success Story
White Buffalo Land Trusts’ Holistic Management Intensive Course offers a systems approach to the management of livestock operations.
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Save Summerland Farm Campaign Success Story
Save Summerland Farm campaign successfully preserved farmland to increase food security and nourish the local community.
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Cuyama Beverage Company Success Story
"This project is an investment in Cuyama Valley branded products that... contribute to local food and job infrastructure, and showcase the abundance of the Cuyama Valley."
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