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Train the next generation of farmers and food system entrepreneurs by creating or expanding agriculture and vocational education at the high school and community college level.

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Train the next generation of farmers and food system entrepreneurs.

A food economy encompasses all activities within the food system that generate revenue or economic benefit to residents of the county. One way we can invest in our food economy is by training and educating a new generation of food system entrepreneurs – from farmers to chefs – to succeed in business and effectively partner within the community.


SBCFAN Working Groups bring together individuals from across the food system to collaborate on projects that result in the activation of one or more Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan goals. Click on a Working Group below to learn more and/or request to join.

Working Groups currently activating this goal

White Buffalo Land Trust: Holistic Land Management Course Success Story
White Buffalo Land Trusts’ Holistic Management Intensive Course offers a systems approach to the management of livestock operations.
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Cuyama Kitchen Success Story
Cuyama Kitchen is cultivating a thriving rural economy by providing resources and opportunities for the local community to enter the food system.
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