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Instigate grant funds will leverage partners to research, plan, or activate projects or programs that lay the foundation for future food system initiatives or create opportunities for impact at different scales.
We encourage that INSTIGATE projects have:

  • partnerships of 3+ organizations,
  • a current Santa Barbara County Food Action Network Executive Committee member,
  • individuals with vested interest, organizations, institutes, and/or enterprises

Applicants who apply for Instigate grant funds will be required to pick one of the below food system themes and at least one of the corresponding Food Action Plan goals they address. Themes were predetermined based on rigorous listening sessions from Countywide stakeholders in 2019 and urgent needs illuminated by the impacts of COVID-19.


  • Food Access & Community Kitchens – Goals: 4,5,10
  • Local Food Products & Local Markets – Goals: 1,2,4
  • Regional Lands & Regenerative Agriculture – Goals: 13,14,15
  • Food Literacy, Demonstration and Education  – Goals: 6,7,8,10
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