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As one of the original partners, the role of SBCFAN is to connect current and additional partners, align the project with new funding opportunities, and co-facilitate the community garden project.

The global pandemic and economic crisis have negatively impacted the food security of our community. As said by Abe Powell, CEO and co-founder of Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade,

“How can Santa Barbara County ever become resilient when one out of every four families doesn’t get enough to eat? It’s time to stop talking and to start growing!”

Join and support the Growing Community Project in its mission to build local resilience by enhancing the community’s ability to cooperate in a crisis. The community project is a collaborative, volunteer, and humanitarian farming effort that supports the community to grow fresh produce at home and community gardens to then share with our hungry neighbors.

For more information please visit or view the press release attached below.


BBGC Press Release 9-10-20

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