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Launched Pilot Project and Built Partnerships

  • Secured a grant from Gaviota Coast Conservancy to start researching the application of the vermicast on the Blueberry Farm.
  • The Wild Farmlands Foundation launches their pilot program to develop a production vermicast (vermicompost) system on Restoration Oaks Ranch to document and demonstrate the benefits of earthworm vermicast and vermicast teas and extracts on ecosystems in general, and on food-producing lands in particular.
  • The barn facilities of Restoration Oak Ranch contain the worm bins and equipment that makes rich vermicast. The worms turn kitchen scraps and other waste into nutrient rich organic matter.
  • Launched in partnership with the Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara Blueberries, Wild Farmlands Foundation, Santa Barbara City College, and New Frontiers Market. .
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