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Lompoc High School Agriculture Program

Lompoc High School Agricultural Program is preparing the next generation of food system changemakers for careers in agriculture by providing hands-on experiential learning and opportunities for leadership development and career exploration. Currently, over 500 students are enrolled in the program. “Over the last ten years, our program has grown significantly and continues to focus on the needs of the community, the individualized interests of our students, and ensuring that they are prepared to enter the workforce,” said Celeste Pico, Principal of the Lompoc High School.

Within the program, students can choose to pursue one of four learning pathways: Mechanized Agriculture, Animal Science, Food Science, and Horticulture. If students become passionate about agriculture and want to pursue a career in the industry, the high school’s agriculture program provides a direct line to work and college. All of the high school courses meet the A-G requirements A-G requirements: The A-G / College Entrance Requirements are a sequence of high school courses that students must complete (with a grade of C or better) to be minimally eligible for admission to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) for students to enter college, and Allan Hancock College offers concurrent enrollment with the high school, so students can work toward an associate degree while still in high school. In addition, students build their skill set outside the classroom at their on-site greenhouse and farm. Students learn to grow produce from seedlings to harvest and advertise at their pop-up farm stand.

The Agriculture Program also works with many community partners in the region, including Route One Farmers Market and Future For Lompoc Youth to connect students to leadership opportunities and mentors. In 2021, Future of Lompoc Youth launched their first Career Readiness Academy in partnership with Lompoc High School and Allan Hancock College, a 12-week intensive training program designed to support high school juniors and seniors with planning for life after high school and connecting them to mentors.

Learn more about the Lompoc High School Agriculture Department and ask your local junior high or high school about their agriculture program.

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