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Outfitted a Mobile Commercial Catering Trailer

By drawing from their own assets and infrastructure, and utilizing $30K in funding from the Santa Barbara Foundation, Blue Sky Center invested in outfitting Cuyama Kitchen, a mobile commercial catering trailer that serves as a space for youth and community members…

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Hosted a Series of Culinary Workshops

Blue Sky Center’s Cuyama Kitchen ran a series of culinary workshops to engage community members around a common table. These opportunities included a sourdough bread baking workshop for Cuyama Valley women, an intergenerational cactus planting workshop, a grilled cactus community dinner,…

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Cuyama Kitchen Became a Revenue Stream

A Rental Agreement was developed so that the Cuyama Kitchen could become an earned revenue stream for Blue Sky Center. The Cuyama Kitchen – and its inventory of catering supplies – can be rented for an affordable rate, complementing Explore Cuyama, Blue Sky…

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