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Finished Conducting Surveys

FRESA closed their community surveys and began analyzing the data. By then, they had received over 500 responses and had a number of languages represented including English, Mixteco dialects, Zapoteco, Tagalog, Spanish, Chinese, Zapoteco, and Ni.

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Began Surveying the Community

From December 2020 to the spring of 2021, FRESA surveyed food-insecure families at Santa Barbara County FoodBank distribution sites to learn how they could better serve residents and improve food access.

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FRESA is Formed and Holds their First Meeting

A coalition of organizations (including the Community Environmental Council, Route One Farmers Market, Rooted Language Services, SBC-Public Health Dept., Fund for Santa Barbara, FSA-Little House by the Park, FoodBank of Santa Barbara County, Dept. Social Services- SBC, community advocates, and…

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Scaled Up Vermicast Production

In order to scale up production and expand the application of vermicast from one blueberry field to a total of 16 acres, Restoration Oaks Ranch invested in two additional worm bins and a {tooltip}compost tea{end-texte}Compost Tea: Compost tea takes finished…

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Launched a Cancer Recovery Program

To combat cancer and other chronic illnesses, special dietary needs must be in place. Yet, for many in our community, food security is difficult to come by. Additionally, many diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness suffer from mobility problems…

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