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From grazing fire breaks in the Santa Ynez Mountains to protecting the endangered native grasslands of San Marcos Foothills, our lamb is 100% range-raised. You can feel good and eat well knowing these lambs have contributed to soil health and ecological well-being from Cuyama to the Coast. We believe this lamb is better than grass-fed because they partake of an incredibly diverse array of plants, including the high desert flora of the Cuyama Badlands, rich in micronutrients and minerals. In general, lamb is known as an excellent source of vital nutrients including B12, selenium, zinc, phosphorous, niacin and iron. Stock up, eat up, and enjoy!

This purchase will reserve your choice of whole, half, or quarter lamb. Lamb will be available for in-person pick-up at a convenient location in the Santa Barbara area. You MUST come to pick up your lamb on pick up day. If you are not available, you may send someone on your behalf (please notify us if this is the case). The remainder of your total will be calculated on site and must be paid at pick up. Cash, check or charge are all welcome forms of payment.

Cuyama Lamb, LLC is a sheep outfit committed to the regeneration of native California grasslands and the production of affordable, ethical food & fiber. Founded in 2018, we operate primarily in the Cuyama Valley of Central California and in the coastal foothills of Santa Barbara County.

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