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Future plans for activation:

Building Out the Farm

  • Currently, designing an orchard that will serve as a fire break between the hillside and residential properties.
  • The Farm will also create bicycle pathways across the farm and outline where a wide variety of crops will be planted.

Increasing Access to Fresh, Nutritious Foods for Veterans


raised over100dollars
to preserve local farmland
healthy meals for local veterans and will provide 1800 per year


  • SBCFAN’s impact was huge. Not only did the storytelling video help our cause of solving the food desert in Summerland, but it also created a family of food action.
  • “The Save Summerland Campaign was a community collaboration that resulted in the preservation of 6 acres of farmland to address food insecurity, provide food access to residents, and promote best practices for land management such as dry farming and creating fire breaks.”
  • “Success would be that we continue to implement regenerative practices on the farm, grow foods that the community wants, and provide farm-fresh food so that we can solve nutrition insecurity in Summerland.
  • “This new farmland project includes an educational component so the next generation will gain hands-on experience and learn the value of organic and regenerative food.
  • “We are creating a farm where as a community, they engage with it, are a part of it, and benefit from it.”

From a conversation with Leslie Ryan

Activating Food Action Plan goals

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