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SBCFAN is taking steps to make our regional food system work better for everyone – and ensure the food it provides is healthy, accessible, culturally reflective, and affordable for all. We are scaling up to meet increasing demand for support to convene and launch working groups, activate advocacy efforts, and develop a robust resource ecosystem.

Become a foundational member and help grow our network. Together, we can invest in a more vibrant, equitable, and resilient food system that benefits everyone.

Cultivator Members

Cultivator Members provide critical funding to support SBCFAN’s ongoing working group facilitation, advocacy efforts, and resource development. The following Cultivator Members have provided a minimum donation of $1,000 to directly support these efforts:

  • Aaron Edelheit
  • Anna Getty
  • Frank & Joseph Gila

Seed Members

Seed Members partner with SBCFAN to provide value-added services and consult to bolster the work of the Network. Current Seed Members include:


Ecosystem Members

Ecosystem Members are the foundation of SBCFAN’s work. They are Working Group members, advocates, and resource sharers – food system warriors who are deeply engaged in the work of the Network. Current Ecosystem Members include:

  • Allan Hancock College
  • Blosser Urban Garden
  • CenCal Health
  • One Climate Collaborative
  • Orella Ranch
  • Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
  • SBC Food Rescue
  • UC Santa Barbara
  • Veggie Rescue
  • White Buffalo Land Trust
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