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Mercury Press International has been creating award-winning content for magazines, newspapers, books, television, and streaming since 1991. Today, owners Nancy Black and Isaac Hernandez focus on crafting moving and inspiring films for their many nonprofit clients, including Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, Community Environmental Council, and SBCFAN.  

An early partner of the Network, Nancy and Isaac love that the work we accomplish together is directly fulfilling a promise to create a better world and has local impact – extending to their own neighborhood. 

Their skills and talents have helped the Network craft stories that foster conversation around strengthening the local food system. “Every single story is an opportunity to learn about communities doing something awesome. Film gets to your soul… it is a way to empower and uplift people into action. Our hope is that the films we produce for SBCFAN not only inspire our local audience to begin the process of creating this system but become ideas that can be replicated by a wider audience in their own communities.”

What does a successful Food Action Network look like?
The possibility that together we create a closed-looped economically vibrant food system that provides healthy food to all of our community. 

“The Network provides resilience for the community we live in and we all eat so securing our food system just seems smart.” 

– Nancy Black


“Every single story is an opportunity to learn about communities doing something awesome,” says Nancy Black.

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