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Veggie Rescue

A shocking 42% of prepared food in California goes to waste. Thankfully, Veggie Rescue in Buellton is tackling this issue with their new initiative. Through close collaboration with the Community Environmental Council and the Chumash Casino, Veggie Rescue has piloted a food recovery program, safely rerouting 500 lbs of food a month to the nearby Buellton Senior Center. It’s now expanding to include more donor and recipient organizations and agencies, working together with Santa Barbara County Food Rescue.

This collaborative initiative to more effectively reduce food waste is exemplary of the goals of the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan. With the belief that sustainability is essential for our wellness, community, economy, and environment, the Food Action Plan is working to build a more resilient, long-lasting, and nutrition-oriented food system through collaboration and community investment.

If you’d like to learn more about the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan or get involved, please contact us.

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