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Owner | Dare 2 Dream Farms

Board Chair, SBC Food Action Network
Vice Chair, Route One Farmer’s Market
Member, Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce

Megan Raff is deeply rooted in the local food system as the owner/operator of Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc with her partner Jeremy. Leveraging her ground-up expertise, she activates business development, recruiting, and communication skills to shape the Food Action Networks strategic plan, foster board leadership, and drive impactful food systems projects. Megan also serves as Vice Chair of the Route 1 Farmer’s Market Board of Directors, a member of the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and a key player in the restoration of the local Grange Hall. Beyond the farm and her community engagement, Megan is a homeschool mother and adventure enthusiast currently converting a bus to take her family road schooling. Her love for carrots isn’t just personal—it stems from the joy of watching her children harvest and snack on this garden favorite. Megan Raff is deeply committed to nourishing communities and fostering sustainable local food ecosystems in which the relationship between farmer and eater is forged.

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