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Cuyama Buckhorn

Cuyama Buckhorn is a timeless roadside inn & restaurant in the heart of California’s high desert within Santa Barbara County, where community, locally-inspired food, and artistry flourish. The iconic property was originally built in 1952, as a roadside stop for weary travelers to enjoy a meal in good company. More than 60 years later, Cuyama Buckhorn has become a historic establishment nestled in the Hidden Valley of Enchantment. Since coming to The Cuyama Valley in 2018, co-owner, Ferial Sadeghian, design-build architect and entrepreneur, has breathed new life into the historic motel. “We are taking a “motel” in a rural community and giving it new life and energy, by focusing on farm-to-table cuisine, creating memorable experiences, and working to strengthen the sense of community in the Valley. Our approach to this involves using thoughtful design to create a welcoming and beautiful space where we hope to bring everyone to the table to connect over food and conversation.” (Voyage LA)

In 2019, Sadeghian and Vance opened The Buck Stop, a community coffee shop which highlights the products made in Cuyama Valley for retail. To expand on this concept and to support the community during the pandemic, Cuyama Buckhorn has created a country market to provide additional groceries for the valley, focusing on affordable, fresh and local produce and goods.

“In getting to know the folks who grew the hotel’s lettuce greens, picked their apples and harvested their chicken eggs, the Buckhorn’s new owners witnessed up close the tightly woven social fabric of New Cuyama. More than just an au courant destination for tourists’ lodging and dining, Sadeghian and Vance saw potential for the Buckhorn to reclaim its seat at the hub of an entire community. To contribute to the care and feeding of an authentic and beautiful high-desert town, as well as the Valley beyond. To support something greater.” (Coyote and Oak, Cuyama Buckhorn).

4923 Primero St
New Cuyama
(661) 766-2825
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