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Your staff may ask… “Is washing my hands really that important?”

The answer is absolutely, without a doubt, YES!

Washing your hands with warm soapy water is the best way to prevent the transmission of illness. When you use the restroom, even if you think you didn’t touch anything, your hands have very likely come into contact with harmful bacteria. These bacteria can make your co-workers and customers very sick – especially the elderly and immune-compromised.
It is necessary to wash after you have handled any raw food, touched your face, hair, or body, sneezed or coughed, after eating or drinking, taking out the garbage, or touching anything that may contaminate your hands (i.e., dirty rags, a mop or broom handle). After washing, never wipe your hands on your apron!

Think… wash your hands… wash your hands… believe it or not, you could save a life.

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