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My name is Gus Albertsen ( Augustus Albertsen is my full name , but I like to go by Gus😀) . I just graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a Bachelors Of Arts In Environmental studies. I enjoy protecting the environment , but I think that sometimes you (we) need to be realistic about how far citizens should go to protect the environment.I want to balance environmental protection with having a great life and typically that means going back to business as usual, but that is not bad. I am much more interested in solving the waste problem with respect to food and plastic. I am equally interested in collaborating with the agricultural sector and work with them on organic farming and more sustainable farming practices.

I was born with a brain injury known as Cerebral Palsy that affects my motor control ( how I move around. )
I grew up in Santa Barbara ( love Santa Barbara) and I wanted to study Environmental Studies because I wanted to help figure out the many different environmental issues we face. I enjoy working and doing food related research with the Food Action Network because I want to find new and healthy eating and growing practices for all.

I love kale from the garden. Chopped and Massaged with olive oil and salt.
Try it, you’ll love it!

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