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Shakira Miracle is a system solution designer, stakeholder collaboration facilitator, and social justice and planet advocate who loves engaging with people, listening to their stories, finding common ground, and building trust. When she’s not spending quality time exploring nature with her husband and two boys, you can find Shakira taste testing her favorite fruits at a local farm stand, farmers market, or straight out of the field when not falling in a ditch of said berry field. Learn more about Shakira’s expertise.

Why I love blackberries: When I lived in British Columbia, Canada, blackberries grew wild everywhere. Every summer while walking the dog or pushing my little ones in the stroller, I would pick them along the path and eat them. As the kids got a little older, they’d pick their own blackberries. They’d have constant blackberry stains on their faces, hands, and shoes. I loved it. They’re also low on the glycemic index and have fiber.

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