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New Producer Grants from AgWest Farm Credit

New Producer Grants from AgWest Farm Credit

Applications close August 31, 2023. Grants of up to $15,000 for new producers (two years or less of operational experience, or plans to start an operation within two years of grant application date) to support their operation’s growth. APPLY TODAY!

Community of Practice

Route One’s mobile farmers market will serve Lompoc five days a week, prioritizing neighborhoods based on their access to fresh, healthy food.

Healthy Refrigeration Grant – Due June 6, 2023

Free refrigerators and freezers are available for corner stores, small businesses, and food donation programs serving low income communities across California. Up to $9 million is available in grants. Apply Today! The Community Environmental Council (CEC), in partnership with the…

Learnings from COP27: SBCFAN is Ahead of the Curve

While global leaders play catch-up, SBCFAN is already helping implement solutions informed by these take-aways from COP27, not just for climate change, but for economic development and community resilience, health, and the long-term sustainability and resiliency of our food system.

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