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SYV community kitchen partners with Juicy Life

SYV Community kitchen offers weekly kitchen space to micro-entrepreneur, The Juicy Life. The Juicy Life is a woman-owned business that provides farm-to-jar pressed seasonal, local, and organic juice blends that are distributed with a milkman-style delivery across Santa Barbara County.…

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Developed Community Kitchen Idea

After the Food Action Plan was published in 2016, St. Mark's-in-the-Valley priest and rector Dr. Randall Day started to think seriously about how his church could activate its commercial kitchen for community use to address food action plan goals.

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Community Kitchens Working Group Launched

In the fall of 2020, St Mark's in-the-Valley, Community Environmental Council (CEC), Veggie Rescue, and Allan Hancock College began to collaborate and launched a Community Kitchens working group to support the further activation of kitchens throughout Santa Barbara County. Community…

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Created Community Kitchens Toolkit

Spearheaded by the Outreach and Implementation Coordinator, the Working Group developed a toolkit to provide mobile and commercial kitchen owners and users with critical resources, such as guidelines for permits and certifications, technical guides for kitchen appliances and California codes, health and…

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Identified and Connected Kitchens Across the County

In November, they engaged with four identified community kitchens to better understand their capacity, needs, and surrounding communities. Kitchens included Allan Hancock College Culinary Lab in Santa Maria, Blue Sky Center’s Cuyama Kitchen in New Cuyama, and Santa Barbara Middle…

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